About the Author


Kenneth Magee was born in Oregon. A life-long Friend, he did non-combatant service as a US Army medic during the Korean War. After he married his exceptionally supportive wife, Jo Anne, he became a grade-school teacher for three years and then attended four years of medical school at what is now Oregon Health Sciences University. Following graduation from OHSU, and four years internship and residency at University of New Mexico Medical School, Magee and his family moved to Southern Oregon, where he enjoyed an Internal Medicine private practice for 27 years and was privileged to instruct young doctors in residency programs under OHSU. Later, he was a hospice medical director for 11 years in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Magee was able to make 10 trips with Medical Teams International to disaster areas in the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq. During those trips he employed and expanded vital keys to connecting and peacemaking that are effective in all areas of the world, in addition to providing much needed medical services. Beyond Surprise relates the joy he found as he gave his best to our loving, capable God who works for good, even when circumstances are dark.